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Southwest Training Center offers courses for many professions. Scroll through the following to view ALL courses offered. Note some courses may be available for a limited time, restricted to certain employment pre-requisites, or have lesson plans still under construction. For the most up to date information feel free to contact us, ANYTIME! This list is always being updated to provided you with the best training.


Medical Training Center

Southwest Training Center has a staff of medical instructors to provide AHA certified BLS, CPR, AED, First Aid training at both the Professional end user levels, and at the informational levels for your every day user. Register today to view all medical category courses. 

Local organizations, ask about group rates! 

Mobile training instructors can come to you for your convenience!


Security Guard Certification and Training Center

Southwest Training Center has a trained staff of BSIS certified instructors to provide the Initial 8 Hours powers to arrest, Additional required training, required annual training,  Exposed Firearms Permit, and many more… 

Contact us about our special 2 Week: Security Officer’s Academy. Course includes all BSIS Permits, additional advanced training concepts, and more. 

Military and Police Applicants! Contact us about SPECIAL training costs…


Firearms Professionals Skills Development Training Center


Southwest Training Center is pleased to offer Professional Firearms Instructors available to all skill levels. From introductory courses for beginners  to advanced skills and tactics for firearms professionals wishing to push their skills to the limit. We have something for you!

1 on 1 tutoring available!

Ask about group training sessions!

In classroom and on range instruction provided!

Organizations, contact us to provide custom or target focused courses, we provide mobile instructors!



Law Enforcement Advanced Training Center

These courses are designed to improve or expand upon existing law enforcement officer skills and training standards.

Some courses may be open to parallel career specialists.

8 Courses

Citizens Self Defense Academy Training Center

Southwest Training is pleased to offer courses centered around becoming more proactive in your day to day experiences. Focused on Self Awareness, Situational Awareness, and Risk Management, our courses include everything from Sabre Red certified Pepper spray Instruction, the legal and morale applications of defensive devices, NRA certified Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars, and more!

We are proud to create lesson plans that benefit our communities! Not all self defense requires weapons and martial arts mastery. Being alert, aware, proactive, and knowledgeable can mean exponentially more!

Excellent courses for all ages, professions and experience levels.

Instructors are mobile and able to come to you! ask us about hosting seminars and workshops so that you can increase your organizations abilities to passively and proactively increase their alertness and safety standards!