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What Is a Security Officer’s Job?

A Security Officer is assigned to protect specific people(s) and property(ies). This may include detecting some of the same offenses that would require a peace officer to act, such as a fight or burglary. But it would not include other offenses such as motor vehicle traffic violations and infractions. This decision is at the discretion of the security guard’s, PI’s or ACE’s employer.

For example, if you were on duty at a studio lot and you observed two teenagers having an auto race down a public road, you would not try to arrest them. You may decide to report it to the police. But you were hired to protect the plant -not to arrest speeders. On the contrary, if someone is racing and crashes into your property, and attempts to flee on foot. This would hold more solid grounds for an arrest as you would be initiating based on the criminal act of hit and run against your property and the owners you represent, and not the speeding.

(In fact, you should actually be suspicious of any activity that may appear to be a blatant attempt to draw you away from your post or into a remote or isolated area. It could be a plan to draw your attention away from your duties.)

What Is A Peace Officer’s Job?

Peace officers are personnel who are law enforcement officers such as Sheriffs and their Deputies, Constables, Marshals, members of city police forces and other officers whose duty is to enforce the law and preserve the public peace. If a law is violated, peace officers are required to pursue and apprehend the person responsible. Security Officers/Private Investigators/Alarm Agent Responders have no requirement or duty to arrest!

REMEMBER, a peace officer’s responsibilities are different from a security guard/proprietary private security officer’s responsibilities.

  • SECURITY OFFICERS only protect specific people and property as directed by their employers.
  • POLICE (PEACE OFFICERS) protect all people and all property and enforce laws.

What Other Duties Could A Security Officer Have?

Being a Security Officer has a wide range of applications. As ultimately your job is protect the client or owners persons, property and in some cases interests. Considering that Security Officers can be employed with a broad spectrum of specialties, whether its from a posted Security Officer at a bank, an Vehicle-Borne Patrol Driver, up to to a traveling Personal Security Detail,  a Security Officer may be responsible for maintaining additional company rules and practices that are established by his/her employer.

Examples of these could include but are not limited to:

  • Requiring employees to show their badges or identifications when entering the property;
  • Pre-screening attendees with metal detectors and/or physical pat downs;
  • Assisting with traffic plan coordination on a private property;
  • Enacting and facilitating building evacuations;
  • Closing and/or opening facility access points;
  • Inspecting lunch pails or personal bags as employees leave a property;
  • Monitoring safety standards and reporting any hazards, blocked exits, fire safety, or slippery floors or tripping hazards, etc.
  • Conducting risk management reports;
  • Emailing, communicating, planning and/or attending security meetings with Clients, Agents of the Client, Law Enforcement and/or other government offices; or
  • Transportation of sensitive and/or valuable cargo.

A Security Officer’s supervisor or employer most likely will offer instructions on helping employees observe company rules and policies. Be mindful that a certain assignment may come with additional training requirements such as maintaining an active Drivers license, Exposed Firearm Permit, Baton training, School Security Training, First Aid and/or CPR certification.